Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Happy Left Hander's Day

Calling all Left Handers out there....have a great day!

In my household both my hubbie and I are left handed, so it was inevitable that our daughter was going to be a Left Hander too.  When we were growing up both my hubbie and I were the only left handers in our respective families, so I guess we were drawn to each other or something (nah it was pure luck lol!!).

My hubbie hasn't got a creative bone in his body lol, whereas I've always been crafting and as you know I make all my own cards, flower and pins and on occasion have drawn the odd piece, and my lovely daughter Heather is creative in another way with her acting.

Are you a crafty left hander.......let me know?

Janine X


coops said...

oooooo i`m a leftie too.my dads sister is a leftie, my niece is a leftie and so is my brother in law.
a lot of ladies i work with are left handed too :D
Happy left handed day to you and your hubby too :D

xx coops xx

kay said...

Yep,waving with my left hand :-)

Kat W said...

No, I'm normal :-P
My OH is right handed but eats with his cutlery the same way a leftie would!
Hugs, Kat x