Monday, 25 February 2013

My Right Foot

Well I'm 2 weeks on from my initial foot surgery. It's been wrapped up all week, but not has heavily as it was....thankfully.
 My poorly right foot looks so much bigger than my left
This is my gorgeous surgical shoe
I went along this afternoon to get my stitches out, and ouch!! It's still quite battered and bruised and still hurts like hell. I've now got a much smaller dressing on which doesn't give me much protection so I'm still wearing my gorgeous surgical shoe. If anything I can't seem to get my foot warm so it's wrapped up in my blankie at the mo. The upside is I still have 4 weeks to recoup, which will give me time to learn to walk properly more hopping for me.

Anyway back to crafting.....hopefully I'll be uploading some cards very soon, that is when I can manage to craft with my foot up in the air.  But if I've no cards ready I'll upload some stamped images I've recently done using my Copic pens, as I've been busy practising my colouring techniques trying to improve it - well that's the theory .

My foot and I say bye for now and thanks for visiting.

Janine X

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