Thursday, 14 February 2013

Well its rest for me now

Well that's my foot surgery over and done with, thank god. I have to admit I was pretty terrified on Monday morning. I was in hospital for 7.45am and in the recovery suite by 9.30am....impressive.  I want to sent my thanks to a fantastic team at Tees Valley One Life Centre, Middlesbrough.  So my foot is now heavily bandaged for a week, then they will reduced some of the padding, and another week after that the stitches will come out.  So now it's time to sit back and be waited on by my hubbie and my sweet daughter I have my bell at the ready), and oh yes do a wee bit of crafting, reading and playing on my laptop for 6 weeks eh!  My only problem is getting around the house particularly the loo, I thought I'd be able to at least hobble from place to place...but no.  I can't even put any weight on my heel - so I'm hopping everywhere and stand on one leg with the use of my stick.  To make my life slightly easier we've placed chairs in strategic places around the house so I can hop and sit, hop and sit which at least makes me be a bit more independent plus it's REALLY exhausting.  However, I have to admit it must be hilarious to watch a 50 something yo woman hopping around the house with a blue surgical shoe on one foot and a white stocking on the other.

Anyway moan over with now.
I'll be uploading a card later today that I made for my hubbie for Valentine's Day.
Thanks for visiting.
Janine X

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