Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bad Time

Hi everyone, sorry I've not posted any cards lately but it's been a terrible 2 weeks, my step-dad was rushed into hospital 2 weeks ago with heart failure.  They discharged him on Monday (29th Aug) but yesterday we had to rushed him back in again with breathing difficulties, it now looks like he's got a chest infection, thankfully it's not pneumonia (and it stays that way). 

Unfortunatey my mum's not very good on her feet and relies on a wheelchair to get about which someone has to push. So yesterday I went with her, and we were stuck in A & E for almost 4 hrs before he went onto a ward and where we spent another hour....omg you forget how tiring it is just sitting. Plus we'd had nothing to eat for 9hrs, as we didn't dare go and get anything just in case they moved him...we were passing out by the end of the night.

Well that's my moan over with now.  I'll post my last few cards over the weekend if I get chance. 

Thanks again for visiting.

Janine XX

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