Sunday 30 September 2012

Sorry Everyone!

Sorry I've not posted many cards lately it would seem I've lost my Mojo (don't know why really). Most likely because my beautiful daughter has gone on tour again for 3 months, she's touring around schools in Essex performing a play about road/car safety. I'll miss her loads...she's my best friend and my rock.  Break a leg darling!!!

I've also been a little pre-occupied because I've been preparing for my first ever cruise. My hubbie and I thought it would be a fitting treat for our 25th wedding anniversary that we're celebrating this year. We fly to Amsterdam from the UK and then onto New York where we meet our ship. From there we travel up the coastline toward Canada dropping into different ports along the way. We always said we'd do the cruise thing for our anniversary and I've always wanted to go to Canada, so we thought we'd combine the two. 

For the past few months I've been busy buying clothes, including a couple of evening dresses from anyway and everywhere that had something that would fit my size 12 body that didn't make me (a) look like frump and (b) mutton dressed as lamb. It's not until you start looking for clothes that you realise that there's a lack of woman's clothes stores that don't include NEXT and Debenhams.  I sort of managed in the end but in particular I've really struggled for shoes. Blimey they must think that every woman wears shoes that requires you to use a scaffold to get into them and a zimmer frame to walk in them! The other alternative are Flossie's which are everywhere at the moment.  Maybe I should just go 'hippie' and go barefoot.... well it would be simpler. Anyway we are really excited.......and nervous as you can imagine. 

I am trying really hard to keep focused as I have a couple cards to get ready for November.  So wish me luck lol.  I'll post them when they're done.

Janine XX

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Heather said...

You do know that I would fully support your decision to go barefoot being that I'm a hippie, right? XD. Lots of Love, xxx