Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter for you all, hope you're having a lovely time. I'm desperately trying to have a good time but my damn shoulder and neck are causing me huge problems, just typing this is, is complete agony.  I'm still waiting for my physio appointment, I just wish it would hurry up.  I can't wait to get started so that this trapped nerve and pain will go away.  I've suffered with wear and tear in my neck and shoulder for the past 30 years due to a daft accident I had, but this is on the opposite side and the pain on a scale of 0-10 is a def 20. Plus these pins and needles in my arm and hand are a nuisance and I don't want to do anything....but you have to keep on going, don't you!

Anyway enough of my moaning, here are a couple of cards for you today.  I hope you like them!

Janine XX

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coops said...

i hope you get your physio soon janine.take care.

xx coops xx