Thursday 2 January 2014

I'm In The News!

Lol, look at me I'm famous.

Yey, I was in my local paper (Evening Gazette) today - and no it wasn't page 3.  I was approached by them last summer after putting an advert in the paper about starting up a craft club.  I was asked if I'd send a photo of myself with some of my creations, plus a small article about the type of crafting I enjoy and how I got into it in the first place.  Well I send it off last August and totally forgot all about until today, when one of my crafty friend's Ali emailed to say she spotted me.  I was both shocked and delighted as the article and photo was quite large, I was only expecting a little tiddly picture and a few words. So here is is, my 5 minutes of fame.

Hugs Janine x


kay said...

Congratulations, hope your craft club is going well x

Ali said...


Effie said...

Nice to see another local crafter....though came across your blog and didn't see the Gazette..

coops said...

congratulations Janine :D

xx coops xx

Unknown said...

hI jANINE, thanks so much for your ever so sweet comments....also I want to congratulate you on your 'wall of fame' good on you and I am sure everything will be a success. I have joined your blog as a new member too.xx

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Yay you! Awesome to have a little bit of recognition! Lovely photo too Janine. Hugs, Wends x