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PLEASE NOTE - All my documents and tutorials are all saved on Google Drive and you should be able to access them ok. Any problems email me,  please don't leave me a message in the comment section as I will not be able to reply to you.  Thank you xxx

TIP 7 - Don't Have a Graphics Program?
If you don't have or able to afford a graphics program (as some are pretty expensive) for your crafting, well here's a list of free, pre-installed and paid for apps and programs that might interest you. 

If you use a software program or app for your crafting that isn't listed please let me know by  email, I would appreciate it. Thank you.  

Here is the link to the - 

TIP 6 - Do You Want To Use Digi Stamps But Don't Know How?
If you have a graphics program or MS Word you can insert and manipulate digi stamps ready to printout and colour. Unfortunately not everyone has the required software or know-how to do this, if this is for you, then I have created 4 pictorial tutorials to help you.

I have created the 4 tutorials using the free software program WPS Office. I have no affiliation or alliance with  WPS,  I simply chose their particular software program because it is free of charge. For all the tutorials I have used their Word-processing program as it will allow you to do the things you need to do, to successfully print out a digi stamp...and more.  

Please feel free to download and use the tutorials, but please do not pass these on as your own work or sell or reproduce them. Thank you.

Here are the links to the PDF documents -
WPS Office - Tutorial 1 (How To Download and Install WPS)
WPS Office - Tutorial 2 (How To Use WPS Office With Digi Stamps)
WPS Office - Tutorial 3 (How To Use WPS Office With Digi Stamps)
WPS Office - Tutorial 4 (How To Use WPS Office With Digi Stamps)

Tip 5 - How to Recolour Lili Of the Valley 'Embossed Labels 1 & 2' Digi Stamps using Paint

Here is the link - 

TIP 4 - Cardmaking Glossary
Do you ever get confused when you see abbreviated words like CS, CAS, CASE when visiting crafter's blogs or checking their cards out on Facebook or Instagram. Well I've found the perfect solution for you. I've found a fabulous Cardmaking Glossary which explains lots of cardmaking terminology, you will love the blog. It's called Operation Write Home, simply click here to visit it.

TIP 3 - Inserting Text Into Digital Images Using CraftArtist & CraftArtist2

As promised here are the instruction on how to insert text into or onto a digital image. You can click to open, download and/or save  the instruction sheet. 

Inserting text Into Digital Images Instruction Sheet

PS Unfortunately Serif's CraftArtist is no longer available to buy, however they do sell a Designer and a Publisher software which you may find useful. 

TIP 2 - Pop-Up Box Card Instructions

UPDATED POST (23/3/14)

As promised here are the instruction on how to make your pop-up box card.  This card when folded flat will fit inside an A5 envelop. **Sleep warning** They're lengthy tutorials with pictures. Click to open, download and/or save them.

There are 3 versions:      
(1) Pop-up Box Tut - Inches (No Quarter Inch Scoring)
(2) Pop-up Box Tut - Inches
(3) Pop-up Box Tut - Centimetres

TIP 1 - Stop Pooling

This  is my first tip and it came about because I bought a brilliant motoring clear stamp set from Kanban. I wanted to ink up the mini cooper images (with Memento) and colour it in with my Promarkers, and of course the inevitable happened...it pooled and made the image dotty and blotchy. So my first tip is about how to stop that darn ink pooling ....and it's so simple.

Simply rub an ink rubber (an eraser  to my American friends) over your new clear stamp, then ink up and stamp.  It's best to stamp test on a piece of copier paper first as you may need to use the rubber a few times before the pooling stops.


Mrs A. said...

Brilliant idea for stopping the pooling. Not heard that tip before so thank you for that.
I have desisted so far from making one of these cards but can see I am going to have to join the ranks. Thank you for the tutorials in all the different measurements. hugs Mrs A.

cracksole said...

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