Wednesday 27 June 2012

Happy 25th Anniversary To Us!

It's our 25th wedding anniversary today, and we had such a sweet day.  It was a quiet day but lovely, full of romance and love (sorry if that sounds corny...but it's true). Our day was finished off with a bottle of bubbly (yep the good stuff!), 'Pizza Hut' pizza and the Muppet movie, our lovely daughter Heather helped us celebrate.

It was a very special day!

We've had our 'ups and downs' Tony but we've ridden the storms, and here we are 25 years later stronger and better for them. Thank you my babe for 25 wonderful and interesting years - full of love and laughter.

I love you.

Janine X

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coops said...

aw belated happy anniversary janine ;D

xx coops xx