Monday 4 August 2014

Creative Bloggers Hop

I was asked by the fabulous Fiona if I'd like to join in with the Creative Bloggers Hop. It's a continuous hop every Monday with a host of creative and inspirational bloggers taking part every week. I know Fiona from the Sugar Nellie and Sweet Stampin’ Design Team; she's such a talented lady and makes fantastic cards (I'd spot her famous doodling anywhere!).  We are also great Facebook buddies - who chat away until the wee hours.

So onto the questions and answers bit ----

I’m currently working on a few Design Team cards, one for the Sweet Stampin’ challenge that goes live on Saturday (9th Aug) and one Sugar Nellie which I has to be ready for Thursday (7th Aug).  I always intend to get ahead with my cards but for some reason I never do!  Mmm, maybe it’s because I get so distracted with Facebook and Pinterest (which I love!).  Plus I've just joined Kit & Clowder's Skin & Hair colouring course - I enjoy learning new things and developing my skills. So I reckon this will keep me busy for a while!

I’m not sure it does really, but I do like to use different mediums eg Copics, water-colouring pens/inks and pencils.  I probably use my Copics more than the others – and I like to think I’m improving all the time. I do like to use my water colour pens/inks when I can because it’s great practice, plus I’m trying to make the night classes I took years ago pay off.  Quite a lot of the time I use digital images which I print off, colour and then fussy cut out, I just think it gives them more life.

I also like to stretch myself and my imagination by doing something different, whether it’s trying a new style, colour combos or medium.  I think this it's important, especially as I’m on a few DT and I don’t like things to be too samey.

In a nutshell – I love it!  I adore being creative and feel the need to craft everyday when possible. I’ve always enjoyed all forms of arts & crafts and have always been crafty since I was a little girl. I have experimented with all types of things eg flower arranging, face painting, calligraphy -- to name a few. I eventually found my way to cardmaking, which I’ve done for the past 9 years since making my daughter’s 18th birthday invites.  I love it because you can make your pieces of art as simple or elaborate as you like, either physically or digitally. ATM I'm also attempting to draw my own characters to turn into digital stamps - but it's a slow process --- maybe one day!

It depends really!  If it’s for a Design Team project I’ll usually pick the stamp  first (rubber or digi) but sometimes I'll have to select the colour scheme first, to be honest it depends on the theme, Next I decide on the layout and card shape (I 'm really into square cards at the mo), from this I'll pick out my patterned papers and cardstock. Sometimes, I have to do the whole thing in reverse - it really depends on the theme and/or the stamp I'm using.  But no matter which way round I do it I always pick out my pens or inks that co-ordinate with the paper and card I'm using. 

Tip -  never colour or pick out an image first before finding your patterned papers and cardstock - it never works out ---- believe me. Seriously you can spend hours trying to find something that matches - I know because I've tried it. LOL!  

If I ever find the card I'm making isn’t working (which happens a lot) and I’m not happy with it, I walk away from it for 10-20mins and do something completely different. I usually end up mooching around Pinterest (I love it, it’s so inspirational) or on Facebook.  Then if that doesn't work I'll send a picture of the offending card to my daughter who lives in London, and she'll tell me straight what's wrong with it. She's not a card maker but she has an excellent eye,. Then if she's not available I'll go and ask my hubbie - who's brutally honest anyway and he'll tell me whether it's a yay or a neigh. LOL

Anyhoo, onto the 2 amazing bloggers I’ve picked to carry the Creative Bloggers Hop
baton for next Monday ---

There should be 3 crafty blogger in total, but unfortunately  everyone I asked to be my #3 have either been asked already or were unable to do so due to prior commitments. But I'm pretty sure you'll be more than happy with  lovely ladies I asked, and who kindly accepted my request.
Marie is a fabulous lady who I had the pleasure of being a Design Team buddy with earlier this year.  She is such a talented lady who makes the most fantastic cards with the most amazing backgrounds.  As well as this, Marie has created brilliant video tutorials on a variety of colouring and crafty topics which are all available to watch on her blog.   
Squirrel is a wonderful lady who I constantly bump in to (well not physically of course) on my blogging travels. She makes the most gorgeous cards - her colouring is amazing.  I especially love her cards coloured with distressing inks they're fabulous, and so are her tutorials which can be found on her blog  - I personally found them really useful.
Well that it's it from me for the Creative Bloggers Hop, it's now down to these lovely ladies
for next week! 
Thanks for dropping by.
Janine xx


Maire Gamber said...

Wonderful post Janine! I love hearing about your creative journey. You are just fabulous and thank you for inviting me to be one of the crafters for next week!

Love your blog! :D

Sammy said...

Oh you are so right about the colouring *after* choosing papers thing! I know people that do it that way around, and I've tried it a couple of times, but mostly end up spending ages looking for papers to match!
Fab post hun, sorry about the whole being on holiday thing! lol. x

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

What a fab read! Love that you're working on your own stamps, I'll be watching for those! Your very inspiring Janine, I love your work. Really enjoyed reading your hop. Hugs, Wends x