Thursday, 31 October 2013

Billy Joel and My Handbag

Afternoon everyone

I've just come back from seeing the lovely Mr Billy Joel. Wow, he was fab and much better than I ever expected.  I took my hubbie to see him as an early birthday pressie for his 50th in December, and he loved the it.  There was such a great atmosphere and everyone was singing along and dancing along to his memorable hits. His 'Piano Man', 'Uptown Girl'  and 'She's always woman' was epic.

He's a few photos for you.

Our hotel the 'Renassiance' was brilliant, we had a huuuuge room and a huuuge bed. The staff and great location were spot on, it was 2 minutes away from the Arndale Shopping Centre and 5/10 minutes walk to the Arena.

We had a fantastic time, but I did however have one 'little' hiccup....erm I lost my handbag!!  Yep, inside my bag I had my mobile phone, purse (containing cash, my credit and debit card) and my house key plus a the hotel receipt with my address on it. So as you can imagine I was distraught. I lost it around 2.30pm on the way back to the car to travel home, I was battling to hold all my bags and inadvertently put my bag down on a wall to take a breather (long story). So instead of getting home at 4pm ish we got home around 11.30pm. We spent all afternoon retracing out steps, going back into the hotel and the Arndale Centre and to report my lost and fill out forms. Followed by a visit to the local  the Police station to report it there and also to get all my cards and phone blocked.  The police officer on duty (Sandra) was brilliant - she was so helpful and understanding.

Anyway to cut a very long story short whilst we were sat in Wetherby Services grabbing a quick coffee, when we received a phone call from a lovely lady called Louise who'd found my handbag. Ironically she found it in the place I thought I left it.  Anyway she phoned the last number on my phone which was my hubbie - who'd left a voice mail saying if anyone found my bag and phone to ring him. We agreed to meet her at the services just outside Manchester - so I got my handbag back intact around 9.30pm last night.  I bought her some flowers and card with a little something inside to say thank you.

Wow, doesn't it give you faith in the belief that the majority of people are good, kind and honest.  My husband and I are still gobsmacked and so grateful to Lousie for contacting us - she was definitely my angel! !!

So today I'm not venturing outside instead I'm going to concentrate on my DT's card that way I can't get myself into any more trouble :) Plus my hubbie has gone back on the rigs today, a week early - I'll miss him like crazy.  So I'm off to make a card - watch out for it on Saturday morning.

Hugs Janine xx

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Ali said...

Omg!!! so glad you got everything back - Great Billy Joel photos - oooh looking forward to Saturdays post and your gorgeous makes xxx