Monday 23 April 2012

St George's Day

Yey, it's St George's Day and it's my birthday....and I'm now officially in my 50's (51 to be exact). OMG how did I get to be this old LOL!!!   I have the mind of a 21 yo and the body of a 51 yo - so how does that work then??

So I guess it's a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!

I got pressies - I got a box of  72 Prismacolor Pencils and some Copic for my birthday from my lovely hubbie Tony...thank you my babe (I love you loads xxx).  And yes I got them a few days early but who's counting.  Plus I had a lovely meal out with Tony and my daughter bliss, fab meal and great company.

Janine X

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coops said...

Happy Birthday Janine.Wishing you a fabulous day ;D

xx coops xx