My Morton's Neuroma

Just in case you don’t know what Morton's Neuroma is, it’s a condition that can affect one or more of the nerves between your toes. These nerves becomes irritated and compressed, causing severe pain on the ball of the foot and at the base of the toes. 
Well this is exactly what happened to me, and here is my story….


For the past 4 years I’ve suffered from intermittent pain and tingling in my right foot just below the 3rd and 4th toe – which I have to admit varied from day to day.  Wearing ‘sensible’ shoes….yep I went all granny, definitely helped with the pain disappearing sometimes for weeks.  But I was reliably informed by my Podiatrist that this is typical of MN.  

I did wear high heels in my teens and twenties (well it was the 70’s and 80’s) but not as often after that, and I only now wear them on special occasions; instead I swapped them for low heels and flats.

Two years ago I started with severe pain and went along to my Doctor; she immediately diagnosed MN and referred me to a Podiatrist who sent me for an x-ray and ultrasound.  But for some reason I never received a follow-up appointment and 6 months went past. I stupidly assumed they were really busy so I never chased it up, I am daft sometimes!!!

Anyway, I started getting pain again so I contacted them, but because 6 months had gone past I had to be re-referred by my Doctor. Sooo, another couple of months went past and finally I got another appointment with the same Podiatrist; he was so apologetic that I’d not received any correspondence from his department. He went onto check my results and they showed NO Neuroma; he was mystified as I had all the classic symptoms of MN so he decided to send me to another hospital for another ultrasound. During this appointment I was told that not only had I one Neuroma but two!! One of which was twice the size of the other. Crazy eh!  It was hard to understand how a hospital could miss one tumour let alone two…but hey ho.

It was decided that I needed surgery rather than the steroid injections as these would have been pointless. I made the decision to delay this for a few months as I had a special holiday booked to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary – a cruise to the USA and Canada.   Erm, then I delayed it again because it was approaching Christmas…well I didn’t want to be laid up during the festivities. 

So I decided to have it done in the New Year…February 11th to be exactly.

Janine X

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Hanny said...

Hello Janine.. I too had the operation a few years back for MN.. they told me at the time the tumors could grow back.. so far so good.. hope you had the op by now and all went well.. kind regards Hanny - Western Australia..