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Hunkdory Product review - Moonstone Dies

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Today I'm doing something a little different; I'm actually reviewing some die cutting products. I was asked by Hunkdory Crafts here in the UK if I would review some of their products, I was given carte blanche on my choice. Now, I know I was on the Hunkdory 'For the Love Of Stamps' Design Team for a few years but I never got to use any of their dies, so I thought this was a great opportunity to try them out.  

So I selected 3 different sets from their Moonstone dies range (see below). I received these dies as a gift, and I will be giving you my personal, honest and sincere opinion from a crafter's point of view. I will review the dies packaging, how they cut and how I feel the finished product looks. (warning -- this is a long post)

Here are the links to the products, the prices and sizes (taken from the Hunkydory website) should you wish to purchase them (the information was correct on 11/04/19) --

Blooming Lovely Sentiments & Frame Die Set - £14.99 (or any 2 for £24.98)
Largest die size is: 12.5cm x 12.5cm and the smallest die size is: 4.5cm x 3.1cm

Fabulous Flowers - £14.99 (or any 2 for £24.98)
Largest die size is approx: 5cm x 5cm and the smallest die is approx: 2.2cm x 2.2cm

Deck The Hall - Fabulous Frames - £19.99 (or any 2 for £34.98)
Largest die size is: 12.5cm x 12.5cm and the smallest die size is: 2.6cm x 2.6cm

For this review and card I used the 'Fabulous Flowers' and 'Blooming Lovely Sentiments and Frames' die sets. I will be using the remaining die set on another review in a few days.  On my card I also used Matt-tastic pink card, 'Garden Treasures' Matt-tastic card, thick white stamping card, funky foam, gems and pearls.


The overall look of the compact packaging is attractive, with the white text and die description printed over two shades of blue, making it easy to read. The clear plastic packaging makes the products inside very easy to see. The packaging was very easy to cut open as the plastic wasn't as tough as other companies packaging, but you will still need a strong pair of scissors. I found that if I cut along the top of the package I could slide the die storage sheet in and out, making it better to store and keep the dies intact and safe.

The die storage sheet was white indexed with the die shape so it made it easy to return the dies to their correct spot.

I started by cutting out the large square frame from the ‘Blooming Lovely’ set by using my trusty manual Grand Calibur die cutting machine and A4 plates. I cut the frame using white 300gsm card and rotated the frame 45° (to a diamond shape) so it would cut from a single point; this cut through with one pass. Much of the waste from the cut out design just fell away, but a few areas did need poking out with a tool. The design of the frame is intricate and beautiful; it cuts tiny detail into the shape which looks like lace work. This frame die leaves the centre intact, but the set also includes a slightly smaller square die which allows you to cut out the centre, if you wish. I love the fact that you have the choice of 2 design options.

When the inside piece of the frame is cut away it is large enough for one of the sentiments to be cut from it, which is fabulous when you’re trying to save on your card. The sentiments also cut out very easily, but did need the use of a pokey tool to take out the tiny areas.

The flower dies from the ‘Fabulous Flowers’ set are really easy to use and cut out brilliantly with one pass, and I did not experience any problems with these at all. In the set, each flower has 2 versions - one is an open intricate design and the other is a closed design, this is brilliant because it allows you to cut them out and use separately or overlay them. The finished products are very pretty. You can see in my card that I have overlaid white card over pink card to give a nice effect.

To add dimension to the card I made (see below) I cut the frame and sentiment again from funky foam and this cut out without any problems with one pass through my machine. This frame and sentiment were glued to the ones I had cut earlier from white card.

To test the dies further I cut out more flowers using different types of materials. I used – vellum, glitter card (coated backing), glitter card, mirror card, matt mirror card, chalkboard adhesive backed card, kraft card, cork adhesive backed card, Matt-tastic card (350gsm) and Sheena Douglas Stamping Card (300gsm). I only needed one pass through my cutting machine when using the above material, apart from the glitter card (coated backing), which needed two passes. You can see the cut samples below.

The die cut ‘Blooming Lovely’ frame is a really delicate and pretty, and the inside area is approx 3½"square which ideal to add a sentiment, stamped image or flowers on, or for the centre to be cut out. The set includes 3 sentiments, these dies aren't too big and can fit inside the frame, the font is easy to read and cuts out well. The Fabulous Flowers’ die set includes 5 different flowers in 2 different styles, in varying sizes (1" - 2" in diameter), as mentioned previously they cut our very easily and look lovely and intricate.

In my honest opinion I think that the sets of dies I used are beautifully designed, cut brilliantly on the materials I tried, and the finished look is very pretty. I loved working with the dies, and will certainly be using these on more of my projects and would recommend them to my crafty friends. On a cost point of view, I think they’re mostly on par with other companies. I definitely would like to see Hunkydory Crafts produce more designs, especially frames and flowers.

I really enjoyed working with the die sets, if any I would prefer to see them delivered in a cardboard envelop or strong pouch system instead of the usual plastic case though. I feel that this would make storing the dies better and help to reduce the need for plastic.

If you have any questions about the products I used or would like me to test a particular l material just let me know. #ad #gift #craftproductreview

I will be back in a few days to review the last of my Hunkydory Crafts Die sets --- so watch this space.


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